The NRL (National Rugby League) grand final is over for another year – shame it wasn’t a great game, but well done to the Penrith Panthers on a dominant performance.

I happened to be at the game, and eventhough I’m not a member, I had permission to go into the member’s area when I noticed Franky & Co had a couple of outlets selling doughnuts.

I specifically point out that it was the member’s area because in the regular plebs sections, all you got was Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Franky & Co have a few stores in and around the Sydney area. They sell lots of cafe foods, but one of their hero products is their range of doughnuts. And at the grand final, they sold only doughnuts.

They had doughnuts iced in the colours of both teams – 4 in a box for $10.
– Penrith in black with coloured stripes.
– Parramatta in yellow and blue.

I’m not a supporter of either team, but I chose the Parramatta doughnuts purely because they looked more appetising than the Penrith doughnuts.

I asked the guy which team’s doughnuts he was selling more of. He said Parramatta in a way that made it sound like it was a substantial difference. That reflected the number of supporters for each team at the game – there were clearly more Parramatta supporters than Penrith supporters. I wondered why, but I guess geography is one reason – Parramatta is a lot closer to Homebush than Penrith, but still… it’s a grand final, for heaven’s sake. Fans need to get to the game.

What were the doughnuts like?

The coloured icing was a generic sweet flavour, so I guess it didn’t really matter what team you got, they’d taste the same. There was plenty of icing on each doughnut, so they were quite sweet, but in a way thast you’d expect. They were soft and fresh and had a good flavour.

I’ve had Franky & Co doughnuts before. They are reliable doughnuts. They’ll satisfy your doughnut craving. They are nice without being outstanding.

I really doubt they would have sold all their doughnuts before the end of the game, but I hope they made a profit. They are nice people and I was happy to my little bit to support them.

Franky & Co