In case you’re wondering, gregory Hills is not far from Campbelltown in Sydney’s south west. It’s quite a busy area with the famous St Gregory’s College nearby.

XS Espresso is a nice cafe/restaurant set in among more of an industrial area than near the local shopping malls.

When I went, they had a window with lots of doughnuts and cronuts. They all looked pretty good, even though they weren’t made inhouse.

I got a Jam Doughnut.

This is one of those jam doughnuts where the jam is not strawberry or raspberry, but actually coloured apple puree. Is that a problem for me? Not really, but I prefer proper jam.

The doughnut was fresh, with the dough soft and tasty. It was yellow dough.

The jam was also good and there was plenty of it. There was a blob on top of the doughnut as well as in the centre.

If you’re going for a doughnut, stop and have some lunch there too. It’s pretty nice.

XS Espresso