I was at the Peakhurst Markets in Sydney’s south one Friday evening when I saw a stall called Loaded Bakehouse selling doughnuts. And they had lots, which appeared to be very optimistic because I couldn’t see them selling all the doughnuts they had.

Hmmm. Why are they called Loaded? They weren’t ‘loaded’ doughnuts. They were simply commercially-made doughnuts that they were on-selling. I checked their website to see if they claim to make the doughnuts themselves. They say they are made fresh everyday (sic) – nothing about making them.

Anyway, I got myself a Boston Cream Doughnut, which is a ball doughnut with chocolate icing and custard filling.

The young girl put my doughnut into a white paper bag. Straight away, I knew this was a demonstration of inexperience.

How did I know that?

Because the soft icing was going to stick to the top of the bag. Which is exactly what happened – as you can see by the photo.

As I said, the doughnut was commercially made. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad doughnut. It was actually quite nice. And I really hope they sold all those doughnuts they had.

Loaded Bakehouse