There’s no doubt about it, the food at The Good Filo in Ramsgate is excellent. The Good Filo does a big range of Greek foods.

On my most recent visit, I got a doughnut with passionfruit icing.

The Good Filo
The Good Filo

It was reasonably priced.

The icing had a nice passionfruit zing to it. I liked the way the icing was quite soft.

The dough was soft and fluffy – very tasty.

They had several flavours to choose from, including chocolate, caramel, cinnamon and pink, which may or may not be raspberry. Perhaps it’s just ‘pink’.

On my previous visits, I wasn’t impressed with the service. However, I’m pleased to say that the service was good this time.

It’s still a noisy cafe-style layout, with big doors that open onto busy Rocky Point Road. Well worth the visit – and check their other foods too.

The Good Filo