Every time I visit Queens Patisserie in Ramsgate, there are plenty of people enjoying their food. For good reason. It’s a very good patisserie and reasonably priced.

They have a big range of foods, including sweet and savoury. It’s a small place, but they pack a lot in there.

They sell a small range of cronuts and doughnuts.

On my recent visit, I got a Cinnamon Cronut.

By nature I’m a sceptical person. I wondered if they could really produce all those different products there, or whether they get some in from outside sources. Cronuts, in particular, are difficult and time consuming to make. I know that there are suppliers that provide the basic ingreditents which makes the job of baking a lot easier, but it’s still a big job. So I hunted around to see if I could find a supplier with the same cronuts as Queens to see if perhaps they were getting them from an outside supplier.

I couldn’t find any.

Therefore, I’m hoping that Queens really do make these cronuts themselves. If they do, I’m very impressed.

The cronut was very tasty and was just the right balance of light and heavy that a cronut should be. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As I said, Queens is only a small shop. But you have to try the place for the excellent range of food they sell.

Queens Patisserie