I recently found myself in Bondi Junction and heard that a place in the food court on the top floor of Westfield has doughnuts. It’s called Polymath – and I have no idea where they got that name. Doesn’t sound like a cafe, but I guess it means something to someone.

The cafe was very busy and the food all looked very nice.

They had a few filled berliner-style doughnuts, some round iced doughnuts, some gourmet filled doughnuts and some cronuts. After some deliberation, I chose the Caramel Ball Donut.

It had a piece of Caramilk chocolate on top. Some people apparently go nuts over Caramilk but I can take it or leave it. But having that there was a nice touch.

The icing made it very sweet. That is where all the sugar content was located. The caramel filling wasn’t sweet at all, which surprised me, because overall the doughnut was very sweet. It was all in the icing.

The dough of the doughnut was a bit predictable. It had a real commercial doughnut flavour and consistency about it. It wasn’t exciting, but I’m sure most people would be more than happy with it.

Overall, the doughnut is a crowd-pleaser. It’s not bad but it’s not outstanding. If you like Caramilk, you might love it. I think the dough lets it down. It is obviously a commercially made doughnut, so don’t expect home-baked.

The Polymath