The darn thing about supermarket cinnamon doughnuts is that they aren’t that bad.

Yes, I have reported on some shockers over the years, but generally, they are alright.

Like the Woolworths one I had recently.

One of my work colleagues generously brought a pack of Woolworths Cinnamon Donuts into the office.

When I heard the news, I did a quick head count and realised that I had to make a move. Doughnuts don’t last too long in our office. It’s dog-eat-doughnut. Hesitate and you miss out.

Pushing aside the more fragile staff members, I made my way to the packet and scored myself a cinnamon doughnut.

I describe it as ‘meaty’ – not on flavour, but in heartiness. It was thick and wholesome.

It was a little bit oily, but fresh and soft.

There was plenty of cinnamon sugar on the outside. It was quite tasty.

Generally pretty good.

Supermarket doughnuts are made in selected stores, so it will often depend on the store that cooked it as to whether you get a good one or not.