Franky & Co in Campbelltown Mall sells doughnuts and cannoli as well as other sweets. They do coffee, but, umm, let’s not talk about that.

Franky & Co, Campbelltown
Franky & Co, Campbelltown

On this visit, I got a Passionfruit Doughnut.

It’s interesting how they present the doughnuts. They are jumbled together, not in any order, but in boxes – see photo. Another Franky & Co I saw recently (Maitland) had them organised in rows by flavour.

Oops – price has gone up since this pic was taken

The doughnuts at Franky & Co are very similar to the doughnuts you get at your regular cafe, most of which are made by wholesalers Bob & Pete’s, AKA

They are good, but not outstanding. There’s nothing different about them. As traditional doughnuts go, they are kind of perfect.

Passionfruit doughnut, Franky & Co
Passionfruit doughnut

The dough was reasonable. Fresh and soft, not sweet, a good base for the icing.

The icing was also good. It was hard and stuck nicely to the dough. It could use a bit more of a passionfruit zing. It had the right amount of sweetness.

Passionfruit doughnut, Franky & Co
Passionfruit doughnut broken

As I said, the doughnuts at Frank & Co are good without being amazing. If you get your doughnut there, you can be sure it will be fresh and satisfying.

Franky & Co