Sometimes you come across service that is just subtley poor, and you have to wonder why that person is doing what they’re doing when there are, right now, ample job opportunities in Australia.

Sadly, here’s a great example of service that says “I’m not interested”.

Holey Doughy food truck, Caloundra Markets
Holey Doughy food truck, Caloundra Markets

I was at the Caloundra Markets on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast on a beautiful Sunday morning. I spotted the food truck called Holey Doughy that sells doughnuts. I went up to it. Two people were running the food truck. The person serving knew I was there waiting but was not willing to make eye contact until she was damn good and ready.

Holey Doughy at work, Caloundra Markets
Holey Doughy at work, Caloundra Markets

Look – I’ve worked in retail environments for years. I still do. And let me tell you, every single person who even faintly looks like they want service, I will make eye contact with them and speak to them with a smile and due respect. I guess some people just aren’t trained in providing customer service.

So, without much communication from the young lady, I asked for my doughnut. It was bagged and plonked in front of me. No smile, no thank you, not much sign of any decent customer service.

Holey Doughy doughnuts, Caloundra Markets
Holey Doughy doughnuts

Why? Why? Their business lives and dies by their customers.

Maybe she had a bad day and I caught her at a bad moment. Maybe I reminded her of someone who she hated. Maybe she resented the fact that I was taking a few photos and might give her food truck some free publicity.

Raspberry doughnut, Holey Doughy, Caloundra Markets
Raspberry doughnut, Holey Doughy

Anyway, the doughnut was nice. I got one filled with raspberry jam. It was a little over-cooked, although according to their website, the crispy outside it deliberate. The jam filling was real raspberry jam, not fake stuff. It was rolled in cinnamon sugar and generally tasted good.

Shame about the service – you never know who you’re serving and where their stories are going to appear.

Holey Doughy