Recently I was fortunate enough to take a trip to the magnificent Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where I was able to visit Moooloolaba and drop in on the Kenilworth Coastal Bakery.

Kenilworth Coastal Bakery at The Wharf in Moooloolaba is the sister outlet of the original Kenilworth Country Bakery in the town of Kenilworth.

Coffee Doughnut, Kenilworth Coastal Bakery

This was a moment I had long been waiting for – 2 years ago I was supposed to go to the Sunshine Coast, but the borders were shutdown just days before my trip thanks to COVID restrictions. Back then I was going to visit the town of Kenilworth because the Moooloolaba outlet didn’t exist – it only opened in December 2021.

So this trip, it was Moooloolaba I was going to visit. And I was going for one thing in particular – the Coffee Donut.

As far as I’m aware, Kenilworth is the only place in Australia that does a coffee inside a doughnut. They claim on their website to have ‘Australia’s 1st Coffee Donut’. To be honest, it wasn’t about the flavour of the coffee or the doughnut that I was anxious to try. I wasn’t expecting to get the greatest coffee or doughnut I had ever had. And I could have ordered a coffee and doughnut separately and in effect had the same thing. It was purely to experience something so unique, sort of like having a spaghetti bolognese at the Sydney Opera House.

Kenilworth Coastal Bakery

Sure enough, I’m not going to say it was either the best coffee or doughnut on earth. The coffee was quite strong and was okay.

Likewise, the doughnut was okay.

The doughnut is hollowed out and a thick lining of Nutella is used to make it liquid-proof. The Nutella makes it very sweet. This is one reason I’m not a fan of Nutella – I find it too rich and sweet.

I tried to consume the coffee and the doughnut evenly, so as I got closer to the end, the coffee started to leak out. Not much – just a few drops. I ended up with a big dollop of Nutella on my fingers.

As Australia’s pre-eminent doughnut reviewer, I am pleased to say I have tried this unique offering. I defintely say you should give it a go. As I said, it’s not the greastest coffee you could have, nor the greastest doughnut. But it’s an experience every doughnut afficionado should have if the opportunity arises.

At their bakery in the town of Kenilworth, they do a 1kg doughnut. Even I wouldn’t eat that in one sitting, but I love the unique idea. You can also take the eating challenge, but you have to book it ahead.

Kenilworth Coastal Bakery