I came across a doughnut maker that I had not heard of before – We Donut Care.

Information about them is a bit thin. Their website and facebook page don’t tell you too much.

They are based at Wetherill Park in Sydney, and by the face of it, are a small team producing doughnuts that they sell at markets around Sydney and they take online orders that they’ll deliver.

I wish they had put a little more thought into the company name. I am so over the ‘donut’ for ‘do not’ pun.

We Donut Care market stand
We Donut Care market stand

Anyway, I got some of their cinnamon doughnuts at the Peakhurst Night Markets.

There is a distinct difference in flavour and texture of their doughnuts compared to the traditional places that you’d get cinnamon doughnuts from.

The texture is more dense and not so fluffy – which is by no means a criticism. It’s a little heavier than other cinnamon doughnuts. It was cooked correctly and had a good coating of cinnamon sugar.

We Donut Care cinnamon doughnuts

I quite liked the doughnuts. And offers a point of difference to the widely available cinnamon doughnuts.

I’m also pleased that they do small cinnamon doughnuts because it seems to me that most market doughnut sellers do larger doughnuts.

We Donut Care cinnamon doughnut

I hope to try some of their other flavours soon.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the markets they’re doing, otherwise get some delivered.

We Donut Care