If you’re into keeping warm on these chilly winter nights, what better way than with a Krispy Kreme Oodie.

An Oodie, by the way, is what we used to call dressing gowns when I was a kid, except these have a hood.

So apparently there’s a limited edition Krispy kreme one with doughnut prints all over it. They are available at the Oodie website (not the Krispy Kreme website).

You know what, I’d get one of these but I haven’t worn a dressing gown since I was a kid and called them dressing gowns.

Here’s what is says on the Oodie website:
The tastiest Oodie ever has finally finished glazing.
Limited Edition Collab
For our latest collab, we’ve teamed up with Krispy Kreme to deliver our yummiest, most a-dough-rable Oodie yet! The Krispy Kreme Oodie is a genuine limited edition product with very limited stock. So, if you want this a-glaze-ing Oodie in your wardrobe, best you get your skates on and order one today.

That writing takes puns to a new low.

Here’s what is on Krispy Kreme’s social media:

Who writes that crap?

Hint: Don’t pay full price. There are discount codes around (check Facebook), otherwise just dawdle on the site for a few minutes and a discount offer will pop up.

Krispy Kreme Oodie

Photos and screen shots are from the Oodie website and their social media pages and the Krispy Kreme social media pages.