It was the first time in my life that I visited Minto Marketplace. I didn’t expect too much. I mean it’s just a place for the locals to do their shopping.

There was a bakery called Doughlicious Bakery. They had some doughnuts. I got a couple of cinnamon ones. The girl didn’t know how much they were. I think she was guessing. Someone was trying to tell her from the side. I think she still just took a guess.

The doughnut was okay. A typical, dependable cinnamon doughnut. Plenty of cinnamon sugar. Not over cooked or under cooked.

The only thing was that it left a bit of a taste in my mouth, which I believe is sour oil. It wasn’t overbearing, but they’re the sort of things I look for when I’m eating doughnuts. If you weren’t looking for it, you might let it blissfully pass you by.

They also sold doughnuts with pink, chocolate and caramel icing.

They have no online presence at all, so I can’t direct you to a website or Facebook page for more info.