The Baking Industry Trade Show holds awards every year, and for the first time in 2022, they included a Doughnut Category. It’s about time! There are so many great doughnut makers in the country, the best of the best deserves to be recognised.

By coincidence, the event takes place just before National Doughnut Day, which is held annually on the first Friday in June.

Here’s the info from the Baking Industry Trade Show’s website:

Its Official, this years Baking Industry Trade Show will see the launch of the National Donut Competition.  With 5 Classes of Donuts to showcase the industries creativity and favourites.  This event is an exciting new edition, with participants eager to take out “Champion Donut of the Show”.   And of course, there are class winners and a grand price for the Champion Donut.

This is the ultimate donut event which will showcase the diverse talents that our industry holds.  Industry feedback dictated the classes, including Traditional Jam Donut, Glazed Round Donut, Ring Donut, Cinnamon Ring Donut and let your imagination run wild in the Gourmet Donut Class. The judges are expecting participants to use their skills to create master pieces and perfect the always loved traditional donuts.

The Donut Exhibition Area, will host Demonstrations and Workshops on Tuesday 31st May & Thursday 2nd June.  

Okay, so there are several typos in there. Don’t hold that against them. But let’s hope their judging skills are better than their writing skills.

So, a week after the event, there is no news on their website about who won. But I happened to spot on social media that The Doughnut Mum at Warwick Farm in Sydney was the major winner.

Here is the word on the Baking Industry Trade Show Facebook page:

It’s Official!!! The Doughnut Mum has been crowned the overall winner of the National Donut Competition at the recent Baking Trade Show in Melbourne. The winning product was a lemon meringue donut and judges were over the moon of the quality and taste. The Doughnut Mum is at Warwick Farm in Sydney’s west. It will be worth the trip to grab one of these award winning donuts. Congratulations to everyone who competed.

Obviously, ‘It’s official’ is a popular way to start an announcement, according to the Baking Industry Trade Show.

It’s great to see a Sydney doughnut store win the top prize. I would love to see which stores entered the competition because there are many great doughnuts in Australia. And even though I’ve done over 400 posts on this blog, I’ve only scratched the surface of Sydney and Australia’s great doughnuts.

Well done to The Doughnut Mum. Having met the mum herself once, I’m sure she will keep up the great work. And if you get the chance, try the Lemon Meringue Doughnut – it is something special and takes extra time and effort for them to make each day.

Photos are not mine but have been sourced from social media.