One of the greatest days of the year is National Doughnut Day. It occurs annually on the first Friday in June. This year, it’s 3 June.

It began in America many years ago as a way of supporting the Salvation Army. It has grown in popularity in Australia recently, but it’s not aligned with any charity. It’s simply an opportunity for doughnut stores to sell more doughnuts. Do I blame them? No. I’d do the same thing if I was in their shoes.

Most of the doughnuts stores announce their Doughnut Day promotions at the last minute, so it’s difficult for me to let you know of all the National Doughnut Day freebies and offers. I suggest checking the websites and social pages of doughnut stores, as well as hashtags related to National Doughnut Day. I’ve added some below.

Many doughnut stores just use it to tell you to come and buy their doughnuts. That’s a bit boring.

However, you might just pick up a free doughnut somewhere (hint, Krispy Kreme). And you can bet the good people at Mama’s Kiwi Donuts in Minto will be giving their lovely doughnuts away to Salvation Army workers. That’s the spirit!

As for me, I hope to give you an exciting story soon (well, it’s exciting for me).

Have a great National Doughnut Day!

Here are some things I found on social media… Beware of promises with tiny disclaimers (eg. Donut King)