I previously posted about one of the doughnuts in the Donut Mind If I Do box from Coles – the Cookies & Cream Donut. This time I’ll take a look at the other doughnut in the box – the Raspberry Cheesecake Donut.

I’m not a big fan of supermarket doughnuts. They are mass-produced and lack character. The same goes for this doughnut.

The saving grace is the filling. It’s okay.

The raspberry cheesecake filling is a bit sweet. I didn’t pick up a strong cheesecake flavour, altrhough I did notice that cream cheese is one of the key ingredients. It tastes a lot more like mock-cream.

If you enjoy finding typing errors, have a look at the ingredients list for the Raspberry Cheesecake Donut – try to work out the use of brackets and parentheses – holy cow, what a mess.

So, as far as supermarket doughnuts go, it’s about at the level of ‘expected’.

If you’re craving a doughnut when you see this one, it will probably fill the void. But you should be aware there are many better doughnuts available.

Donut Mind If I Do