Here’s a place I’ve been wanting to try for some time – Mama’s Kiwi Donuts at Minto.

Also known as Mama’s Fresh Cream Donuts. Onsite is also Mama’s Polynesian Soulfood.

The problem is that they only open 4 days a week – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come on guys – give us more than that. (And it’s only recently that they increased it from 3 days a week).

The place looks fairly new. I had a bit of a search around and couldn’t find when they first opened, but I know they have been there for a least a couple of years.

The window had plenty of doughnuts on display. They looke lovely and fresh. There were a lot with cream, which generaly isn’t my thing, but perhaps it’s a kiwi thing.

Nonetheless, I got the Pineapple Glazed Fresh Cream and Custard Donut.

I have been searching for great pineapple doughnuts for many years with limited success. So I was anxious to see what this one at Mama’s was like.

To my delight it was pretty darn good.

The all-important pineapple glazing was reminiscent of the glazed pineapple doughnuts of my youth.

The cream on top had a chunk of pineapple on it – nice touch.

There was also custard under the cream.

I felt that the cream and custard weren’t homemade. But I’m not complaining for a moment. Neither were too sweet, which is good in my opinion.

The dough was magnificent. Thick and soft and spongy. Beautiful.

It’s great that Sydney has another very good doughnut store. It’s just a shame it’s tucked away in Minto and only opens 4 days a week. If you can get there, it’s well worth the effort.

Oddly, when I went to their website, they didn’t feature doughnuts at all, but several Mother’s Day gift ideas. I guess they are doing an eCommerce business on the side.

Mama’s Kiwi Donuts