I was delighted to attend a wedding at Enzo Weddings in Rothbury, which is in the NSW Hunter Valley wine country. An absolutely beautiful place, and I’m talking about both the Hunter Valley and Enzo. The green landscape, the grape vines, the kangaroos. Love it.

The bride and groom opted to forgo the dessert and traditional wedding cake and went for a Doughnut Wall and gelato cart instead. No objections from me.

I know Doughnut Walls have become a bit of a trend at weddings, but this was the first time I had seen one in the flesh. And what a glorious sight it was. Forget the dancing. All those doughnuts had my attention.

I picked off a chocolate one. Hey, I could have had more than one but the old tummy was full after dinner and I didn’t want other guests to miss out on their doughnut. I made sure I got in early before it was covered in drunken spittle, not to mention the possible unnecessary handling of the food by people who had been drinking heavily and going to the bathroom all evening.

I knew immediately that these were commercially made doughnuts. My suspicions were confirmed later when I spotted the ‘Bob & Pete’s’ box at the end of the evening.

Bob & Pete’s supply lots of cafes and take-away joints with douhgnuts, because they make decent doughnuts and charge a reasonable wholesale price. I thoroughly understand why cafe owners choose them. And why Enzo does, or at least the caterers who set up the Doughnut Wall.

The funny thing is that not long ago, you really wouldn’t expect to get a doughnut at a wedding. Don’t we live in a great era where that’s no longer considered unusual.

Aplogies for the poor photo quality. I wasn’t drunk. The lighting was low.

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