This is highly unusual for me – writing a blog article on Donut King. I prefer to write about smaller, lesser known doughnut stores. I was offered a Donut King cinnamon doughnut one day, so I thought I should give it a go and let you know my opinion of it. So here we are.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t hot by the time it was given to me. But it was still fresh.

It had a generous coating of cinnamon sugar.

It had quite an oily taste to it, but most cinnamon doughnuts will be like that. I mean, they are deep fried in oil before being dunked in the cinnamon sugar.

Something that struck me was that it fell apart quite easily. This is something I expect from a gluten free doughnut or a cinnamon doughnut that isn’t fresh. This one was not gluten free and it was fresh. So it was interesting to see it fall apart so easily in my fingers. I wonder if all Donut King cinnamon doughnuts do that. Comment below if you have had that experience.

So, the doughnut was okay. I certainly wouldn’t rave about it. It served the purpose, but wasn’t the best cinnamon doughnut I’ve had.

Donut King