Not too long ago, I tried Specialty Doughnuts in Campbelltown for the first time. And loved it.

Their doughnuts are no only delicious, but also reasonably priced.

Specialty Doughnuts have been around for something like 40 years, which probably makes them the oldest doughnut store in Sydney. I’m yet to find an older one.

You know what? I love vanilla slices and I love doughnuts. So when there’s a Vanilla Slice Doughnut, I’m in like Flynn.

I belive Specialty Doughnuts show their experience in their doughnuts, which is not easily achieved. But their doughnuts have a good old-fashioned flavour, which I love.

The custard is probably commercially made, but it is nice. And goes perfectly with the passionfruit icing giving you a good vanilla slice experience in a doughnut.

Specialty Doughnuts has a big range of doughnuts and flavours. I recommend getting down to Campbelltown and trying them.

Specialty Doughnuts