A popular doughnut flavour right now is Cookies & Cream. I guess with the black and white topping, bits of biscuits and a 3-dimensional appearance, it looks impressve. To borrow a line from the Shapes ads, there’s lots of flavour you can see.

My problem is that it is usually too sweet. The sugar content of the topping must be through the roof. I usually avoid it, but will give it a go sometimes to see what it’s like. Which is what I did when I visited Franky & Co. at Campbelltown Mall.

As expected, it was very sweet. The vanilla icing is covered in loads of dark cookie pieces.

The dough is soft and fluffy, and serves its purpose as a base for the topping.

You defintely get value for money at Franky & Co. and this one, particularly so – it’s doughnut, icing plus cookie pieces.

If you like your doughnuts sweet, you’ll enjoy this one.

Franky & Co.