I was at the Geeelong Waterfront Markets one Sunday, waiting for a coffee from the coffee food truck. And waiting. And waiting…

Next to it was the Churros Food Truck, which sold hot jam doughnuts. Of course, I had to get one.

I was still waiting for my coffee.

The nice lady got the doughnut, rolled it in cinnamon sugar and filled it with jam from a giant syringe.

I noticed my coffee wasn’t ready yet. So I sat down on a bench by the water and had my doughnut.

The doughnut was warm. It might have been siting in the warmer a bit too long because the outside was a little bit too crispy. Meanwhile, the inside was just a little bit under-cooked.

The jam was the runny commercial doughnut jam – in other words coloured apple puree, but that’s okay. I didn’t expect a churros food truck to have a gourmet doughnut.

I enjoyed the doughnut, which would have been nice with a coffee.

I went back to the coffee truck. Still no coffee.

Other people came and went at the churros truck.

Finally, my coffee was ready. It was ordinary.

Geelong Waterfront Markets