I was in a nice place called Ocean Grove, which in the south of Victoria on the Bellarine Peninsula, and visited the town’s local bakery – Rolling Pin Pies & Cakes.

Rolling Pin has a few outlets around the Bellarine area – I also visited one in Queenscliff – photos below.

Queenscliff Rolling Pin

According to their signs, they have won loads of awards for their pies. But I was there for the doughnuts.

They didn’t have a huge range of doughnuts to choose from. It’s clearly not their staple. It looks like the doughnuts are there to please the kids. So this big kid got a chocolate doughnut.

I asked the lady who served me if the doughnuts are made there. She assured me they were. I questioned this because almost everything they sell is cooked in an oven, where doughnuts are deep fried. I have to assume she was being honest.

It was a very good doughnut.

The dough was fresh and soft.

There was a thick layer of choclate icing. The icing had a good chocolately flavour, which I know sounds funny, but sometimes the icing on doughnuts can be disappointing. The icing was soft – just the right amount of ‘give’.

The doughnut I received had yellow sprinkles on it. The sprinkles did not enhance the flavour at all, but were there purely for aesthetics.

The only other options for doughnuts in Ocean Grove are the ones from the Coles supermarket. I didn’t get any from Coles because I am quite sure my Rolling Pin doughnut was better.

Rolling Pin Pies & Cakes