If you ever get to Sutherland, you should try The Station Patisserie. Everything I’ve tried there is very good and at reasonable prices. As far as I’m aware, everything is made right there.

On this occasion, I got, among other things, a Jam Donut.

Now here’s the thing with jam doughnuts – the filling is often not raspberry or strawberry jam, as you might expect. It is, in fact, apple puree that has been coloured and flavoured. Now the story is that it is used because it is the right consistency for a doughnut filling. However, I’m quite sure it’s because it’s cheaper than the real thing.

So, the Jam Donut I got from The Station Patisserie was filled with apple puree. If I was being charged $6 or $7, I’d be disappointed. But the food at The Station Patisserie is, as I said above, at reasonable prices. So on this occasion I can’t complain about the filling.

The dough is excellent. Soft and chewy and cooked just right. It has a coating of cinnamon sugar. As you can see by the picture above, it’s vegan.

It had a decorative blob of jam on top for presentation purposes. Of course, once the doughnut goes in the paper bag, the effect is lost. But how are you gonna stop that?

All up, a good doughnut at a fair price.

The Station Patisserie