Daniel’s Donuts is a fairly well-known chain of doughnut stores around Victoria (with a very annoying website).

I found one of their stores during my recent travels of Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula in a pretty beach-side town called Portarlington.

They had dozens of doughnuts on display and quite a few flavour choices.

The staff were all young and extremely efficient.

All the doughnuts seem to be made with the same dough. They are very soft, light, airy doughnuts.

It’s just a matter of choosing which filling or topping grabs your taste buds.

After a good time considering, I chose the Apple Custard Donut. It was fairly good value at only $3.90.

The filling was nice. The custard was firm but not too rubbery. It had plenty of flavour. The apple was sweet without being sickly. The apple and custard blended perfectly together. There wasn’t too much apple but there was plenty of custard. It had a light coating of soft sugar as well.

Being a chain, I’m going to guess that the fillings are all made at the one place and sent in bulk to the stores. That way their doughnuts are consistent across the chain.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Apple Custard Donut from Daniel’s Donuts.

Daniel’s Donuts