Just before 8.00am on 21st August 2017, the very first DomNuts article was unleashed upon the world. From Canberra to the Kremlin, little did anyone know the significant impact it would have.

Well, that was a bit dramatic, but the good thing is that, with 400 articles under the belt, DomNuts continues to thrive, having ridden out lockdowns and store closures, several stretches unemployed and a couple of angry messages from people who didn’t appreciate my reviews.

Why does DomNuts even exist?

I wanted to write about something I like, and at the same time, spread the word about great doughnuts.

You could get your information from places like Urbanlist, Tripadvisor and Zomato, but “Amazing” and “Nice” don’t really count as reviews in my book. There’s simply no other website that gives you more trustworthy information on Sydney’s doughnuts than DomNuts.

Have a look at this recent Urbanlist article that was brought to my attention by a DomNuts fan. It gives you a nice back-story about the better known doughnut places in Sydney, but does it really tell you what the doughnuts are like? And why aren’t places like Berliner Bakery, Duo Duo, Specialty Donuts and Cimini’s mentioned? Their doughnuts walk all over some of the places mentioned. Urbanlist has the team and the budget to produce a lovely website, but not to actually go and find a genuinely good doughnut.

At this point, I’d like to say a special hello to the teams at Urbanlist and similar sites – I know you’re using DomNuts for your research.

DomNuts is free and is not a profit-making site. I don’t spend time and effort in making it look pretty. I do not earn one cent from this website. I am not given free doughnuts from the places I review. The only free doughnuts I get are from friends and family, and that accounts for a very small percentage of the doughnuts I review. I’d rather purchase a doughnut and write an honest review than feel compelled to be flattering about a lousy doughnut I was given for free.

There’s an influencer I follow on Instagram. I laugh every time I see her put a particular can of energy drink to her lips because she never takes a sip. It obviously conflicts with her lo-cal diet and probably tastes awful, but hey, she’s getting paid to promote it. That won’t happen on DomNuts.

It’s tempting to give dougnuts a rating, say, out of 10, but I have chosen not to because, believe it or not, there are too many variables. I’d prefer ot describe it, give my opinion and let you be the judge.

When I tell people I write a blog on Sydney’s doughnuts, the first thing I’m usually asked is “where is the best doughnut in Sydney?” Unfortunately, that’s a long and complicated answer. There are so many different doughnuts, even in Sydney which is not renowned for its doughnuts, that I can’t give a single fair answer.

I’m grateful for my valued friends who are regular readers and have pointed me in directions towards doughnuts that I need to try. And I’m grateful for everyone who turns to DomNuts to read about a doughnut or to find a good Sydney doughnut. And of course I’m grateful for the many great doughnut makers out there.

Anyway, thanks for reading all 400 DomNuts articles (you have, right?). If you have anything doughnut-related you’d like to tell me, please send me a note or leave a comment.