I like it when I discover a brand of doughnuts that I haven’t heard of before. And here’s one of those – Rude Boy Doughnuts based in Alexandria in Sydney (although they don’t share that secret on their website). They can be found at random markets in Sydney – I suggest checking their social media pages. They also supply some cafes, but again, they don’t share the names of any. And they deliver within a 16km radius of Surry Hills – that part they share.

Here’s the key info from their website:
Our CE-dough and founder Ash, returned from living overseas in Canada and was disappointed with the over the top flavours on offer in Sydney, constantly rotating. He wanted a good quality vegan doughnut that wasn’t nut heavy, didn’t take itself too seriously, and didn’t need to rely on gimmick flavours to be satisfying.

I’m a firm believer in that last bit – about not needing to rely on gimmick flavours. Just give me the basics, but make it good.

So… to the doughnut.

I got a Custard-filled Doughnut.

My first observation was that it was a little smaller than most doughnuts.

The dough was very nice. In fact it was up there with some of the best I’ve tried, such as Berliner Bakery. It was cooked perfectly. It wasn’t too oily or greasy.

It had a light coating of sugar on the outside.

The custard was also excellent. It was somewhat different to other types of doughnut custard I’ve had. You might be able to tell by the photo that it was a different colour. I guess that’s the vanilla bean turning it a greyer white as opposed to the more traditional yellow you get with your average custard.

So, all up, a great doughnut.

Rude Boy Doughnuts