DomNuts is dedicating the month of February to Pineapple Doughnuts – specifically the quest to find a great one. Each week will be a new review about a pineapple doughnut I have found recently. This week, it’s one from an Ampol petrol station…

The last place I expect to get a decent doughnut from is a petrol station. If you’re reading this from a country outside of Australia, what we call petrol stations you might call a gas station. Or perhaps a service station.

Anyway, I got a pineapple doughnut one night from an Ampol petrol station. It was unbranded, sitting in a box. I had no idea how long it had been there, but the Use By date was the following day. Will it be any good? My expectations were low.

To my surprise, it was quite alright. A heck of a lot better than most doughnuts I’ve tried from supermarkets.

I was hoping beyond hope that I might have stumbled across something that takes me back to my childhood experiences with the great era of pineapple doughnuts. It didn’t quite live up to those standards, I’m afraid.

The pineapple flavour was lacking a lot of, well, flavour. It had no pineapple punch, which was disappointing.

However, the dough was quite good. It was dense and surprisingly soft and fresh. Having said that, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it had been frozen and thawed. The box it came in had absolutely nothing printed on it. Isn’t it weird how some things, by law, must have a complete run down of information, including ingredients and allergy warnings, on the package, and others don’t.

I don’t know where they source their doughnuts from, but if you drop into an Ampol petrol station, you could certainly do worse than getting a doughnut while you’re there. Two years ago I wrote that My Donut Box was supplying Caltex (now Ampol) petrol stations with doughnuts in NSW. However, I suspect this is no longer the case.

Ampol Woolworths Metro