DomNuts is dedicating the month of February to pineapple doughnuts – specifically the quest to find a great one. Each week will be a new review about a pineapple doughnut I have found recently. Starting with this one from Franky & Co…

Many of us who fondly remember pineapple doughnuts from our youth have been searching for a modern day equivalent. It’s hard to find. And I can tell you that pineapple doughnut stories on DomNuts get plenty of hits, probably from people like me, searching for that elusive great pineapple doughnut.

I tried a pineapple doughnut from a franchise outlet called Franky & Co. I went to their store in Campbelltown Mall.

I was met with a window full of doughnuts at the bargain price of 5 for $10. That’s just $2 each by my maths. How could I resist? (If you buy less than 5, they are $3.50 each).

I got a selection, which included a good looking pineapple doughnut. Could this be the one I’ve been searching for?

If my memory serves me correctly, there were two types of pineapple doughnuts. One was soaked in a pineapple syrup. If you remember The Norman Gunston Show, he used to offer his guests one of these types of pineapple doughnuts with some GI cordial. The other pineapple doughnut, which came later, was covered in a crusty pineapple-flavoured glazing.

The Franky & Co. Pineapple Doughnut was closer to the latter, with a hard pineapple coating. It was good, but not as good as I remember the one from the old days.

The hard pineapple coating was thinner than the original.

The dough was much the same. Light, soft, fluffy and it was obviously freshly made.

The pineapple flavour was not too strong – probably could be stronger. It wasn’t excessively sweet.

If you’re one of those people hunting for that genuine pineapple doughnut experience, the Franky & Co. version is a reasonable option.

Franky & Co.