I first walked into The Station Patisserie at Sutherland on the very first day they opened. At the time, I was impressed with their range and the way things were a little bit different. By that, I mean that while they have standard sweets like Cinnamon Scrolls and Vanilla Slices, they are not the same as the usual.

They have a good selection of doughnuts too.

I got a Custard Doughnut, which is one I’m always going to pick when faced with a choice.

It was pretty darn good.

The dough has a sourdough taste to it, although it’s not advertised as such. It was firm and chewy and tasted very nice. It had a light sprinkling of cinnamon sugar on top.

The custard was also very good. It was thick but not rubbery. There was plenty packed inside the doughnut as well as a dollop on top.

The service was a little bit overly attentive, watching my every move for some reason. I have an honest face – surely!

Whether you get a doughnut or something else, I can recommend The Station Patisserie at Sutherland.

The Station Patisserie