I have a dream. Actually, I have two dreams.

The first is an end to COVID, which I’m sure everyone, except the companies with a vested interest*, also wish for.

The other is an end to the use of the ‘Donut’ pun, seen cringingly in the brand name of the Coles doughnuts – Donut Mind If I Do. Eek. Who came up with that for a brand name? Send them to the Ironic Punishment Division.

These doughnuts, made for Coles supermarkets, come in boxes of two, each with two different flavours, or a box of four, which features all four varieties. I’ve also seen a box of four with completely different flavours.

I got a box of two – which had a Cookies & Cream Donut and a Raspberry Cheesecake Donut. On this occasion, I’l talk about the Cookies & Cream Donut.

Getting straight to the point, it tastes like a supermarket doughnut.

The dough has a mass-produced flavour about it. Which is difficult to describe. But if you can tell the difference between a packet cake and a home-made cake, you’ll understand how there is a difference. It’s dry and lifeless.

There was a vanilla glazing covering most of the doughnut. It had some pieces of cookies on top, which were similar to Oreos. The filling was a rich chocolate ganache.

So I’m not a big fan of this doughnut. I think, rather than being for kids, it is for adults who have a doughnut craving with low standards, as demonstrated in this article. Tik Tokkers are apparently going crazy over these doughnuts. Poor old @sammy_dyer probably doesn’t know a good doughnut if it hit him in the moosh. For goodness sakes, do you want your information from TikTok influencers or from an independent non-money making source like DomNuts? This is where it’s real, honest and informed.

I’d like to point out that these have been frozen before being sold and can’t be re-frozen – it says so on the box. Influencers don’t tell you that.

Donut Mind If I Do, Coles

*Douglas Hanley Moir, Laverty, any other company doing PCR testing, Pfzier, Astra Zenica, Moderna, etc.