Cimini’s Pasticceria Cafe & Bakery is an award-winning store in Kogarah, which is in Sydney’s south.

The place is renowned for its pastries. But it also does some pretty good doughnuts.

They have bombolini, long-johns, cinnamon doughnuts and zuccherati. If you like Italian doughnuts, this is a great place to pig-out.

I chose a Vanilla Custard-filled Doughnut.

In a word – superb.

The dough was moist, soft and chewy. It was covered in soft sugar.

The doughnut was cut in half for the filling to be inserted, which is quite unusual. The custard was a lot like canoli custard. There was a big dollop of custard on top.

As far as I’m aware, there is no major doughnut competition in New South Wales, like there is for meat pies and other sweets. I’d be interested to know how Cimini’s doughnuts fare if there were such a competition. But as a bakery, they do pretty well.

I can see why people love this store – try it for yourself.