Just before the world went loopy, I was booked for a trip to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It’s one of my favourite places in the country, and one of my destinations was going to be Kenilworth, specifically, the famous Kenilworth Country Bakery.

Well, that very week, borders closed around the country and my trip was cancelled. But enough of my boohooing…

The good news is that the Kenilworth Country Bakery people are opening Kenilworth Coastal Bakery in January 2022 in Mooloolaba at The Wharf.

The bakery in Kenilworth has become a tourist destination in its own right. Apparently, the bakery has been around for 97 years. They are famous for their 1kg doughnuts… and here’s me trying to shed a few kilos.

I am keen to get my holiday re-booked and hopefully have the chance to get to either the new outlet at Mooloolaba or have a trip out to Kenilworth.

Can’t wait.

Kenilworth Country Bakery

All photos are from Kenilworth Bakery or Sunshine Coast News