I recently visited Duo Duo, a new doughnut and ice-cream store in lovely downtown Roselands, and wrote about the Original Glazed Doughnut that I got there.

Duo Duo is in a curious location. It’s down the road from Clemton Park, which is not far from Kingsgrove. The store is outside their factory. Located in an industrial area, there really isn’t too much going on there. They open from about midday every day with not much more than a shop front. I hope they do well because both the doughnuts and ice-cream are exceptional.

Which brings me to their Passionfruit Doughnut.

Again, very good.

The dough is quite tasty in its own right. Firm and spongy and a very good texture for a doughnut.

The icing was also good. Soft but not runny. The passionfruit flavour was tangy just like passionfruit should be. The amount of icing was just about perfect. It all reminds me of the passionfruit cake my mother made when I was young.

A very nice doughnut.

Duo Duo