They are the new kids on the block – Duo Duo Desserts at Roselands in Sydney’s south.

They sell doughnuts and ice-cream. So are they a doughnut store with ice-cream, or an ice-cream store with doughnuts? I’d go the latter.

They have a very good selection of 10 doughnuts, and you can choose from the display.

I think the eftpos machine placement was overlooked when they designed the shopfront, because it’s tucked away in a narrow slot next to the wall. A bit awkward.

I got an Original Glazed Doughnut. It was very good.

The dough was firm but soft, cooked perfectly and tasty in its own right. It was nice and fresh. I have been trying to think if the dough is similar to any other doughnut I’ve tried, but I think it is quite unique.

The glazing was vanilla flavour, nicely tangy and not overly sweet. The doughnut was completely covered in the glazing except for the bottom.

I thoroughly enjoyed it this doughnut.

I got some ice-cream too and it was amazing.

I recommend you check their website for opening hours, because if you want a doughnut for breakfast, you’re going to be disappointed.

The store is located outside their factory in Roselands. I get the feeling from their website that they encourage you to order online and have it delivered rather than come to the store.

Dou Duo