Riverwood is a surprising place. On one hand it’s a dirty, cheap run-down suburb you’d avoid if you could. On the other hand, there are restaurants and cafes that stand up against some of the best in suburban Sydney.

Valentina Rose Cafe is a new one on the main drag of Riverwood. It has a great range of sweets from the famous Pasticceria Papa at Haberfield. They also have a good range of doughnuts. I’m using my investigative powers to work out who the supplier is. I have an inkling – I’m just waiting for the proof.

One of their popular doughnuts is the Knafeh Doughnut.

I’ve had a Knafeh Doughnut before – from LA Donuts in Roselands. I didn’t particularly like it. But that’s just my taste preference. I’m sure lots of other people would love it.

Anyway, I decided to give the Knafeh Doughnut at Valentine Rose a go.

Well, same result.

If you like Knafeh, you will probably like the doughnut.

It has clotted cream in it, and I think that’s what spoils it for me. I prefer something a bit sweeter in my doughnut.

It has a sort of crumb coating on top with some sweet white icing. There is a sprinkle of crushed pistachio nuts and a glazed cherry on top.

I admire the work that has gone into preparing this doughnut. There’s filling and several layers of topping. And the presentation is excellent.

But Knafeh is just not my thing.

Valentine Rose Cafe