Recently, the Nepalese community celebrated Dashain. It’s their biggest festival of the year among many festivals.

I have the pleasure of knowing some Nepalese people and I went to a small Dashain event.

Like many cultures, food is an important part of Nepalese festivals. I got to try goat curry for the first time, which was quite nice. I also had Sel Roti – a traditional Nepali doughnut.

There were plates with stacks of Sel Roti on them.

The one I had was not sweetened, but I was told they usually are.

They are made with rice flour and are fried. They are shaped in large rings.

They taste a lot like an Italian zeppole and Spanish churro.

The Sel Roti was fried and had to be eaten fresh because it goes stale very quickly.

It was okay, but I would have preferred a sweetened version.

I hope all the Australian Nepalese community had a happy Dashain.