I don’t often talk about Donut King on my blog because it’s part of a large business, and the main purpose of DomNuts is to talk about independent Sydney doughnut makers. However, I couldn’t let their 40th birthday milestone go without a mention.

Firstly, a bit about the company.

Donut King is part of Retail Food Group Limited. Their other brands include Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Brumby’s Bakeries, Michel’s Patisserie, Di Bella Coffee, The Coffee Guy, Café2U, Pizza Capers and Crust Pizza. So, quite a big company.

From the Donut King website: Donut King started in 1981 as a small family operation in Sydney. The Donut King Brand System was established in Australia in 1989 and has been operating as a franchise system since 1991. Retail Food Group Limited currently manages the Donut King franchise system in Australia and overseas.

Each Donut King store is owned and operated by a franchise partner. There are over 250 Donut King stores across Australia.

Retail Food Group has received bad press in recent years over poor treatment of some franchise owners. I haven’t looked too closely, but I’d say it might be a minority of owners who have been upset, as the business still thrives and people are still forking out several hundred thousands of dollars to buy a franchise.

So, onto the 40th birthday.

As said above, they started in 1981, so this year they turn 40.

They have: $40,000 IN CASH AND TONNES OF DONUT KING PYJAMA’S TO BE WON! Don’t take the word ‘tonnes’ literally. To enter, you have to be a member of their rewards program – DK Rewards. Then, all you need to do is make a purchase at a participating Donut King.

They have four prizes of $10,000 to be won and 1,200 pyjama sets in ‘medium only’ to be won.

If you enter, I wish you good luck.

Donut King