I was at Cafe Abercrombie in Redfern ordering my breakfast one day when I spotted a delicious-looking Passionfruit Doughnut.

Now, I won’t kid around. This wasn’t a locally-made specially-made hand-made doughnut. It was simply your run-of-the-mill cafe doughnut that probably came from a supplier of various cafe sweets, like Balfours.

What was special about it was the service.

The guy who runs the Cafe Abercrombie is a good bloke. Works hard and doesn’t over-charge. Is always pleasant and does his best to please his customers. You really can’t ask for more than that. I’m happy that he’s going to make it through this tough lock-down period with his business intact.

The doughnut was good, and as I said, your typical cafe doughnut.

It was fresh and nice to eat. It looked better in the cafe than what it did hours later when I got around to eating it.

There are plenty of good cafes around Redfern. Cafe Abercrombie is one of them and well worth a visit.

Cafe Abercrombie