Over the years, I’ve seen the Sydney suburb of Riverwood gradually grow up and become more cosmopolitan. While it certainly ain’t a Parisian delight, it’s not a bad place to find some good food.

The latest offering is Valentina Rose Cafe, which is on the main road directly opposite Riverwood Plaza.

What makes this place special is that they sell pastries from the Sydney institution Pasticceria Papa in Haberfield.

On my first visit, I got a Vanilla Custard Zuccherati, which is like a canoli, except that the pastry is close to a doughnut.

Naturally, it was delicious.

It is covered in a good dusting of soft sugar to make the pastry sweet.

The pastry itself is light and fluffy with a buttery flavour. It has a bit of crustiness to it, and a texture that has shades of croissant.

It’s the custard that makes these things what they are, and in this case is very good.

It’s a firm custard. While the pastry wasn’t filled to capacity, you still get enough to enjoy the mix of pastry and custard.

As you’d expect, there are many more Pasticceria Papa sweets to enjoy at Valentina Rose Cafe, including the famous cheesecake.

And the coffee is pretty good too.

I wish the cafe every success, because I’m sure I’ll be a regular.