I’m a regular at the Carriageworks Markets at Redfern in Sydney and I usually check out what the Sonoma stand has to offer.

On this occasion, I noticed something new – a row of Lemon Meringue Sourdough Doughnuts.

The guy selling them said they were trialling the new flavour. So I had to get one and pass my judgment.

Like just about every doughnut, it should be eaten as fresh as possible. Unfortunately, with the rules at the moment about not consuming food on the premises, I had to wait until I got home. By then, it was a little stale. I don’t blame them – as I said, it is meant to be eaten fresh.

Anyway, about the doughnut…

The meringue on top was nicely lathered, quite sweet and with a good burnt effect. It was soft under the exterior shell.

The lemon curd was very good. Tangy, just a bit sweet and the perfect texture for a doughnut filling. In other words, it wasn’t runny.

The dough was sourdough, and as I said before, was a bit stale by the time I got to eat it. It was chewy in good sourdough fashion.

I guess my one complaint was that it was small.

I know a heck of a lot of work goes into a lemon meringue anything, but I feel that $6.50 is a tad too expensive for the size of it.

However, it’s a nice addition to the range that Sonoma offers.