If you’re one of those people that love sourdough, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the doughnuts from Sonoma.

I got a jam-filled doughnut from their stall at the Carriageworks Markets, Redfern. They sell lots of other sourdough products, including of course, bread, as well as some non-sourdough products, including sweet pastries. They don’t have a big range of doughnuts, however.

The doughnut was pretty good. The jam had a rich flavour and was not too sweet. I believe it was raspberry and didn’t feel like it was a cheap variety of jam.

Interestingly, the doughnut was coated in a pink sugar. I liked that effect.

The sourdough of the doughnut was cooked nicely and wasn’t too oily.

Service is not their strong point. Several times over several visits I’ve hovered at the stall to be largely ignored. Not sure why.

You’ll find Sonoma stands at several markets around the place, not to mention their permanent stores in various locations around (mainly) eastern Sydney.

Their range might differ from one market to the next, so I couldn’t guarantee you’ll get doughnuts at all of them.

Definitely worth a try, and their other products are very nice too.