If you are from Sydney, you’ll be aware that the lockdown we are under is significant. My generation has never experienced anything like it.

Firstly, I want to acknowledge that there are people who are in a very bad way. People who have contracted the virus or know someone close to them who has. On top of that, people in isolation are lonely and not coping well. I’ve seen it first hand where I work.

And then there are the people who are being hit hard financially. Businesses that are struggling, and employees who are doing without an income – like I did for several months last year. It’s not easy.


I ask that, if you are in a position to do so, support local businesses as much as possible.

Many of the doughnut stores and cafes that are mentioned in DomNuts are still trading during the lockdown and doing takeaway or home delivery.

Now, I don’t know which of those businesses are in a healthy financial position and those that are on the verge of collapse. What I do know is that they are going to be struggling to make a living over the next few weeks, pending government assistance.

I know plenty of people with a small business, and I wish them all the best during the tough times ahead.