I don’t know why everyone goes nuts for sourdough. It’s not my cup of tea.

Anyway, I got a sourdough doughnut from Berkelo. There was only one flavour to choose from – Nutella. I don’t know why everyone goes nuts for Nutella, either.

So I’ve got a Nutella Sourdough Doughnut. I’m not big into Nutella or sourdough. So how was the doughnut?

Not too bad, considering my personal tastes.

It was coated in a good dusting of brown sugar, which you don’t see too often on doughnuts.

There was loads of Nutella inside, which will keep the Nutella lovers happy.

The dough was nicely cooked – brown on the outside and soft, in a sourdough sort of way, on the inside.

So, if you love Nutella and sourdough, this one from Berkelo might just be your cup of tea.

Berkelo, by the way, is a small chain of bakeries on Sydney’s north shore. So it’s good for someone like me, who does’t get to Manly too often, to have the chance to try their goods.