Houston, we have a problem.

My doughnut from Milk Bar by Cafeish at Redern was undercooked. Seriously undercooked.

I’ve had hundreds, perhaps even thousands of doughnuts and I’ve never had one so undercooked in my life.

The middle was actually raw dough. That’s not good. And I mean raw.

I’ve had several doughnuts from Milk Bar by Cafeish before and I’ve always been very happy. In fact I rate them among the best in Sydney. And you won’t find a doughnut that tastes the same in Sydney. So, I still enjoyed my Choc Custard Doughnut. Except for the raw dough.

Overlooking the undercooked part for a moment, let’s look at the rest of the doughnut.

The cooked part was excellent. They do a very good dough. It is extremely tasty in its own right and when cooked correctly, has a lovely spongy texture.

The middle of my doughnut had custard that was quite runny, so you have to be careful eating it. It can be messy business. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this one before and made the same comment. The custard is very nice – not too sweet.

There is a blob of chocolate on top – that’s the only ‘choc’ part of ‘Choc Custard’.

The topping got damaged a bit in the take-away bag, which is a shame – you can see that in the photo. I’m in a state of two minds here, because I believe very much in not overdoing packaging, but in this case, they might need to consider a box to protect the doughnut. If I remember, next time I’ll take my own container.

So, in conclusion…

Great doughnut except for the undercooked centre.

By the way, I think the people responsible for the Milk Bar at Cafeish website need to update it.

Milk Bar by Cafeish