Here’s a brand new product to the supermarket shelves – Cinnamon Donut Flavoured Soft Loaf by Golden Bakery.

Apparently it’s a line at both Coles and Woolworths. Of course, I had to try it.

I saw that no less than Kyle Sandilands has been trying to get his hands on a loaf.

The package includes the message: “This scrumptious loaf is soft in a middle but also crunchy on the outside when toasted. Each slice is slightly sweetened and made with delicious bursts of Cinnamon flavour.”

According to Jacki O: “This better live up to its name because I am telling you, this is going go off if it actually tastes like a cinnamon donut.” The question is, does it taste like a cinnamon doughnut?

The slices are very thick.

The top is covered in cinnamon sugar and each slice has little dots of cinnamon – what they call ‘cinnamon bursts’.

I had a feeling this was going to be more like cinnamon toast that a cinnamon doughnut, and I was right.

The bits of cinnamon do help take it closer to what could be described as tasting like a cinnamon doughnut, but it was always going to be difficult making it seem that the bread tastes like a doughnut.

It says you can have it toasted or straight from the pack. I put one on the George Foreman grill because I like my thick bread slices toasted that way.

I allowed mine to toast lightly, but I was amazed at how lightly it ended up being. Although appearing to be toasted, it was only what could be described as hot bread on the inside.

Did it taste like a cinnamon doughnut? No, not really. As I expected, more like cinnamon toast. Not such a bad thing, though.

I’m sure people will enjoy this, but don’t expect it to have the doughnut flavour it sort of promises.

Golden Bakery