A while ago, I visited Flour & Stone at their Wollomooloo store to try a doughnut. I had read excellent reviews about them, so I had to try them for myself. The doughnut was excellent, but the unusual flavours weren’t exactly my cup of tea.

Anyway, I saw them at the markets at Redfern so I decided to give them another go.

The guy told me what the flavours were, but the list was rattled off too quickly that I didn’t really remember it all. I think there was hazelnut in there and cherry as well.

Well, this was a great doughnut.

In the popular bombolini style, the dough was delicious and the filling was superb.

The creamy texture of the filling was perfect and the flavour was different and fantastic. It was not overly sweet or flavoured – just right. There was some cherry compote in there as well, which was sort of off to the side rather than mixed in with the creamy filling. All very nice.

Flour and Stone