Mr Puff is a market vendor of Greek doughnuts called loukoumades.

They do loukoumades that you can have with plain cinnamon sugar, or you can have one of their loaded versions, such as caramel, raspberry jam and the obligatory Nutella. I decided to go with the Biscoff flavour.

Biscoff has started to take a hold here in Australia. It’s sort of like peanut butter, but with more of a biscuit taste than peanuts. I quite like it, that’s why I went with the Biscoff Loukoumades.

My tray had 10 Loukoumades on it, smothered in Biscoff sauce.

My loukoumades were hot and delicious. The Bischoff sauce was runny yet thick at the same time.

It makes your mouth dry – just like peanut butter. I recommend having these with a coffee. Or a good strong glass of milk.

The loukoumades themselves were very nice. They were fairly dense with a thick outer shell.

They were cooked to perfection and the taste was enjoyable.

Mr Puff