It was ANZAC Day, 2021, about 11am in the morning and I decided to pay LA Donuts at Beverly Hills a visit.

I hadn’t been there for a while, so it was time to do a new review of their doughnuts.

I walked in and I got the shock of my life.

The place was jam packed. I could barely fit in the store.

At first I was angry that I would have to wait a long time just to buy a doughnut or two. I estimated 30 minutes. But then I realised, this is wonderful.

How good it that this small business has become so popular?

I’d like to think the reviews on Domnuts had something to do with it, but to their credit, the people at LA Donuts have been busy promoting themselves and backing it up with quality doughnuts.

They’ve built a strong reputation in the area as the go-to place for doughnuts. Everyone I know who lives in the vicinity is aware of LA Donuts. That’s despite the dreadful location they chose to start their business.

The place was not just packed with people – the display cases were packed with doughnuts. Hundreds of them.

People were walking out with boxes of doughnuts. Perhaps it was all for ANZAC Day celebrations. Or maybe it’s just how it is on a Sunday morning.

It’s a big difference to the first time I walked in a few years ago when I had the place to myself.

So good on LA Donuts. A small business enjoying amazing success.

LA Donuts