I’ve tasted crap and I’ve tasted crap, but the KFC Donuts… they are total crap.

I didn’t really have high expectations, but even then, I was absolutely disappointed.

They give bad doughnuts a bad name.

The outside was crunchy, as advertised. But it wasn’t a nice crunchy. It was an over-cooked crunchy.

The problem is that they are meant to be served warm. So once they are made, they are left in the warmer for goodness knows how long. It tasted like days.

The inside was soft but tasteless.

The cinnamon sugar coating was nothing to get excited about.

It’s not often I throw away a doughnut(s) before I finish it. But I got half-way through them and knew that I didn’t want to finish them. I got the smaller box, which had about 10 in it. I’m pleased I didn’t waste my money on the larger box.

Even the advertising for these things was not only ordinary, it was down-right insulting. They tried to speak to us with a contemporary language. Once you try that and get it wrong, you’re in big trouble. It reeked of trying too hard.

“They’re not everywhere and not forever – just sayin’.” Oh please. That’s awful. Skip the ‘just sayin’ part.

“They’re just not everywhere and not forever (soz TAS and WA).” Dreadful. I don’t want to read the word ‘Soz’ from a place like KFC.

And by the way, when you get the box, they won’t be overflowing like in the picture. I know that’s a standard advertising thing, but I’m happy to pick these things apart.

Anyway, the day this story is released to the world is the last day the KFC Donuts are available. I think we are all better off for them disappearing. Soz KFC, but these are awful. Just sayin’.

I have read that they have also been selling a ‘secret menu’ item of donuts and fries in the one box. I think that one is best kept a secret.